Fear No More

“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.” ~ John Milton

The things we can’t see are sometimes the scariest…that feeling that something is just around the corner, behind the closet door or under the bed. Ever see a movie where the music builds to a crescendo as a figure who casts a shadow is never shown? But you know it’s out there….

This intense fear can also manifest in dreams – it is the unconscious’ way of processing unresolved fears that reside deep within the psyche from the multiple traumas that accumulate in our lives. My recurring fear dream was sporadic from my teens to late 40s where I usually woke myself up screaming. It was not always the same dream landscape, setting or recognizeable scenario – but always involved a building with endless hallways and rooms.

At the start of the dream, I recognize it is ‘the fear dream’ and I have to go inside the hotel, building, house or apartment where a palatable sense of something evil, terrifying lurks, even with people (dream strangers) around. Drawn farther, knowing “it” is in there terrifies me, but I’m compelled to continue.

In one of these dreams I hear my grandmother’s voice on the other side of a wall, but because of the “evil,” I am paralyzed by fear to enter the room where she is – I try to scream for her to help me, but nothing comes out and I wake up exhausted. In many of the dreams there is a curtain across a doorway and I know something evil is on the other side; I also know I have to draw it aside and confront the evil, but the fear is so great, I abruptly end the dream with a pounding heart and audible scream.

The antidote to terminate these haunting dream sequences is to ask for assitance from a fellow dream worker who agrees to help me confront the fear – whatever it is – that wields its power. The dream I use for processing with her is one where I go up this flight of stairs and I know the “evil” is at the top and that it will kill me. I feel like I have to ascend the stairs, even knowing the consequences.

Using a waking dream re-entry technique, she guides me up the stairs – as I get closer to the top, I describe a harp on the landing and beautiful music wafting down the staircase. The evil grows stronger and the music louder as I near the top – she tells me to touch the harp and turn it into a weapon when I reach the landing. I do, and it suddenly becomes a sword. The music stops and she told me to command the evil to leave. With conviction, I order it to get out, brandishing my sword; I feel empowered and then at peace. When I feel the fear and the evil vanish, I triumphantly walk down the stairs, lay down my sword at the bottom and walk out.

I have never had the dream in any form again.



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